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Water Supply for Cafe-Bars

We supply high quality unbottled water to Cafe-Bars across Corfu, suitable for any type of use and need in the Cafe business. For many years, professionals in the Cafe-Bar domain trust us for the outstanding results visible on the quality of the produced coffee as well as the crystal clear ice cubes they serve for cold beverages.
Τροφοδοσία Νερού | Ηπειρωτικά Νερά


Water Supply for Restaurant

We are servicing and distributing fresh unbottled drinking water at restaurants and food service points that can be used either for cooking, dishwashing machines or steam ovens. This way, restaurants and food service points save valuable time and money from the frequent and costly maintenance that would have occurred in any other way.

Τροφοδοσία Νερού | Ηπειρωτικά Νερά

Hotels & Apartments

Water Supply for Hotels & Apartments

We deliver holistic solutions for providing unbottled drinking water in hotels and apartments, through storage tanks suitable for liquid food stuff, catering to a large variety of food, beverage and daily needs. We do so on the whole region of Corfu island, as well as in Thesprotia and Epirus area.

Τροφοδοσία Νερού | Ηπειρωτικά Νερά

Ice Maker Industry

Water Supply for Ice Maker Industry

The quality of the water we supply is indisputably proven and guaranteed for many years now. Ice producers and distributors trust us for the excellent results of their product output.

Τροφοδοσία Νερού | Ηπειρωτικά Νερά

Professional Laundry Services/Industry

Water Supply for Professional Laundry Services/Industry

Professional Laundry service companies across Corfu island choose us for the guaranteed and cost effective services as well as the pure quality of water that we offer, aiming for the best result for the linen and commercial laundry services.

Τροφοδοσία Νερού | Ηπειρωτικά Νερά

Ships & Vessels

Water Supply for Ships & Vessels

Within the various water distribution services we provide, we also deliver and distribute water on passenger ferries, cargo and cruise ships in ports or marinas of Corfu, Igoumenitsa, Plataria, Parga, Sivota and Preveza.

Our work is trusted throughout the cooperation and experience we have for many years with outstanding maritime companies, not only for the Corfu-Igoumenitsa- Paxos lines specifically, but also for the Italian and international naval connections, we service any particular need for vessel provisions.

We do service and distribute on any type of vessel:

  • Ro/Ro vessels, Passenger ships, Cargo vessels, Pleasure crafts, Yacht, Fishing boats
  • Additionally, in liaison with us, we can offer our services
    on any other port, yacht anchoring area or marinas.
Τροφοδοσία Νερού | Ηπειρωτικά Νερά


Water Supply for Ports

We deliver and distribute in national ports, servicing any kind of water supply needs and requirements.

Τροφοδοσία Νερού | Ηπειρωτικά Νερά


Water Supply for Airports

We deliver and distribute in domestic airports, covering any kind of water supply needs and system demands.

Τροφοδοσία Νερού | Ηπειρωτικά Νερά

Community water storage tanks

Water Supply for Community water storage tanks

We also provide our services by supplying fresh drinking water in community water storage tanks located in remote villages and communities in Corfu island as well as in the whole region of Epirus, especially in summer when there is a scarcity of water via the local distribution system.

Τροφοδοσία Νερού | Ηπειρωτικά Νερά

Public & private works construction sites

Water Supply for Public & private works construction sites

Within our diverse portfolio of services, supplying on public & private works construction sites belongs to these. We do so, for the smooth operations and the demanding circumstances that each construction site might be characterized by.

Τροφοδοσία Νερού | Ηπειρωτικά Νερά

Livestock and poultry establishments

Water Supply for Livestock and poultry establishments

We cover all the water supply needs of livestock and poultry establishments within the broad region of Epirus provenance, especially in summer when scarcity is observed throughout the water distribution system because of higher demands and needs of these establishments.

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