Water Vending Machines

Epirus Water Vending Machines

We are always focused on innovative, environmentally
friendly ideas and pioneering systems capable of
providing solutions to our everyday needs. In the last 10
years we developed and implemented fully automated
drinking-water vending machines on selected points in
the central, southern and northern region of Corfu island.

The drinking-water vending machines are designed and
sophisticated in such a way, so they can be easily used
and accessed on a 24/7 basis by our customers and
hence, we ensure the instant and consistent service for
our customers at all times.

Ηπειρωτικά Νερά

Using just a 1 euro coin (1€), the drinking-water vending
machine delivers 15 liters of fresh drinking water which
you collect using your own 15 liters capacity portable
water tank, simply and easily.

The whole concept is purely eco friendly, because in this
way we contribute to the reduction of disposable plastic
waste. In addition, meeting all the requirements and
standards, all drinking-water vending machines utilize
innovative parts and systems based solely on renewable
energy sources, such as solar panels, with an ultimate
goal of energy saving.

On the map below, you can find precisely all the points where the drinking-water vending machines are located in
Corfu island.

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